Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Agent's Time to Shine

The first principle about life insurance is that no matter how fancy the products become, at the end of the day its primary function is to provide your loved ones with peace of mind and financial security.

When meeting with clients, an agent must:

1. always try to deliver the claim in person (I always do this).
2. be empathetic, but don’t try to become part of the family.
3. emphasize in his or her initial contact with the beneficiary that the agent is there to help. I try to offer my  services for not only life insurance, but also for investments and questions about social security and funeral homes.
4. ask if he or she can be of assistance with the beneficiary’s attorney in distributing the client’s money wisely.

I was told by a mentor or mine several years ago that when it comes time to pay a death claim, this is the agent’s time to shine.

-taken from “Delivering Dollars to Widows”, article found in NAIFA’s Advisor Today, November 2010 issue

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