Friday, April 8, 2011

Norman Levine's Success Principles

Principle # 1:
o If you are doing what you love and you’re having fun, what other people think is irrelevant

Principle # 2:
o Anytime you apply the discipline of long hours and seeing lots of people, you can’t help but succeed

Principle # 3:
o A firm belief in the value of your product gives you power to sell aggressively

Principle # 4:
o Great success sometimes comes from meager beginnings

Principle # 5:
o Sometimes it pays to buck the system and follow your instincts

Principle # 6:
o Leaving your past and starting over is sometimes the best road to success

Principle # 7:
o A commitment, publicly made, has incredible motivational power

Principle # 8:
o The day you fall in love with what you are doing is the last day you will ever have to work

Principle # 9:
o Selling from the heart means helping others reach their goals, not yours. Learn to sell from the heart and you will be more successful than you could possibly imagine

Norman Levine built three separate multi-million dollar agencies from 1959-1997. At one point in 1975, he produced 3x the million dollar round table level in only 30 days. Norman Levine then continued to produce at this level throughout most of his career.

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