Friday, May 6, 2011

Life Insurance and Retirement Planning

As more and more clients I speak with are getting closer to retirement age, one constant conversation I have with them is that most people in their fifties who are empty-nesters and are pre-retirees need to be reminded about the need for life insurance. Once these clients’ children are no longer dependents, and their mortgages are nearing their end, it is important for me to determine how large their nest eggs need to be to retire. If we can anticipate their retirement assets to double in the next ten years, what happens if one of these client’s spouses were to die prematurely? Life insurance is extremely important to complete the retirement goals for the survivor. Secondly, if this person is insurable and they have group supplemental life coverage, there is a very good chance that coverage can be purchased from Newsad Insurance Services less expensively than through his or her employer since this coverage is usually banded every five years (age 50, 55, 60, etc,) and sometimes drops or decreases in value.

It is important to review all of your life insurance needs with your financial planner annually after age 55. For more information, please contact Thomas G. Newsad, 3 year Million Dollar Round Table qualifying member, serving Middletown, Dayton, Franklin, Lebanon, Trenton, and Butler County


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