Friday, February 18, 2011


In a recent Gallup Poll, people who had been asked about annuities believed:

• Annuities have a competitive rate of return
• Annuities provide a long term savings plan
• Annuities are important sources of retirement planning
• Annuities can ensure that a surviving spouse has a continuing income
• Annuities provide payout flexibility
• Annuities offer tax deferral
• Multiple beneficiaries can be named on annuities

Annuities can only be purchased through life insurance companies. Prior to purchasing an annuity with a life insurance company it is important to check the company’s ratings.

Annuities purchased through Newsad Insurance Services will give you “peace of mind” as you know that you are investing in a safe, guaranteed plan. At Newsad Insurance Services we believe in knowledge, trust, and service. Let us help you prepare for the future!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Consider buying Universal Life insurance for a forced savings. Buying a permanent style life insurance policy such as a Universal Life policy will offer you a current 4.5% interest on your savings and provide you with cash value growth. Having premiums drafted from your checking or savings account offer easy ways to force yourself to save money.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Insure Your Love"

Many people work to create a legacy of love by protecting and providing for our families, businesses, or favorite charities. People usually choose to buy life insurance because they “love” someone or want to protect someone that they love financially. Other products that can be used in this spectrum of financial services are annuities, which are also sold by life insurance companies.

An annuity is a flexible retirement planning tool that allows your retirement savings to grow on an income tax-deferred basis option that best meets your needs for income when you retire. Many people choose to purchase annuities because an annuity allows savings to grow without any current tax, since earnings on an annuity are not taxed until payout begins. Many others say they like annuities because an annuity provides a steady stream of income they cannot outlive.

At Newsad Insurance Services we believe in custom tailoring life insurance products around the needs of our clients. Tom Newsad of Newsad Insurance believes in “customer relationships built on knowledge, trust, service, and love.” Not until you sit down with your clients and hear their concerns can you help them fill their needs. “Your clients look at you and see what they want to see…their hope!”

Tom Newsad has been selling life insurance for 19 years in Dayton, Middletown, Franklin, Hamilton, Oxford, and the surrounding areas.

Xpress Issue Term

Grange Life Insurance Company has introduced an EXAM FREE term life insurance option called Xpress Issue Term. Clients may purchase life insurance policies for:

• 10 Year Term 18-55 years old $50,000-$125,000

• 20 Year Term 18-50 years old $50,000-$125,000

• 30 Year Term 18-45 years old $50,000-$125,000

Applicants will be led through a series of online questions regarding general health, tobacco use, traffic violations, and foreign travel. After answering the questions, applicants will be able to receive INSTANT approval within minutes. Applicants may also have their first premium drafted from their checking or savings accounts to ensure immediate life insurance coverage. Applying for Xpress Issue Term Life Insurance is a quick and simple way to purchase affordable term life insurance policies.

For more information, contact Tom Newsad at Newsad Insurance Services, serving Middletown, Hamilton, Fairfield, Oxford, Franklin, Dayton, and surrounding areas.

Tom Newsad is a Grange Life Insurance Company Pacesetter, a 3 year Million Dollar Round Table member, and a member of Grange Life Insurance Company’s 50 Million Face Amount Club (Gross life insurance sales).