Thursday, July 1, 2010

Life Insurance Is an Investment

There are many different kinds of debt that you need to make sure are protected at your death. Some examples include mortgages, home equity loans, car loans, student loans, credit cards, life insurance loans, and 401K loans.

Life insurance is an investment just like any other and you should do as much diligence with your life insurance provider as you would with your investment advisor. That is why I believe in a P.A.R.S. review annually. P.A.R.S. stands for Policy Annual Review Service. Even if it is just a phone call to update records, this review is a very important part of any insurance professional and client relationship.

Having no protection at all can be very costly. Just making sure you have coverage of at least 2 times your annual salary can provide for basic life insurance needs.

A complete review of your financial needs with a licensed agent like Tom Newsad at Newsad Insurance Services can provide you with peace of mind now and into the future.

Newsad Insurance Services has been serving client’s life insurance needs in Middletown, Ohio since 1996. Visit Newsad Insurance’s informational website at or call Tom Newsad today at 513-424-6871.

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