Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Now More Than Ever

Now More Than Ever

Market volatility. Pension Plans being killed off. The future of social security in flux. All of these factors-and more-conspire against. Consumers, who are trying to create a solid stream of income for their retirement, enter or, perhaps better phrased, re-enter annuities.

 According to LIMRA (Life Insurance Marketing Research Association), an organization that does life insurance marketing and research, “will retirement assts last a lifetime?”

 One in five retirees receives income from individually purchased annuities! While data from LIMRA recent “sources of retirement income.” Studies show that just 4 percent of retiree’s income currently comes from annuities (most come from pension plans-38 percent, and social security 34 percent.) It’s becoming clear that annuities will have a growing place in consumer’s plans for retirement,

 At Newsad Insurances Services we guide our clients through an education process on current plans and designs. “Fear of the unknown is a bug reason clients have a version to annuities.” So I try to explain to people you need to know what you’re saying no to.

Everybody has two forms of expense in retirement Living Expenses and Life Style Expenses.

Our goal at Newsad Insurance Services is to provide financial information to our clients so they don’t make income retirement mistakes!

Tom Newsad of Newsad Insurance Services consults with clients in the surrounding areas:  Middletown, Trenton, Franklin, Miamisburg, West Carrollton, Hamilton, Preble County, Lebanon, and more.

We currently offer Life Insurance and Financial Services with over 60 companies.

Feel free to call Newsad Insurance Services at (513) 424-6871 or contact Tom Newsad directly at (513)348-9573, or click on www.newsadinsurance.com for more information

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