Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Objectives of Estate Planning

Objectives of Estate Planning

The property found in most estates generally falls into one of five categories: personal property, real estate, business interest, life insurance, and government benefits. Unfortunately, at death there is often a great deal of conflict due to different ways in which assets pass to the family and other heirs. These conflicts, together with a generally slow probate process, can easily result in a lengthy delay of the estate settlement process, as long as one to two years or more in some cases. Considerable expenses may also be incurred if there is a delay in the estate settlement process. However, a custom tailored life insurance strategy can ease the handling of these important financial matters.
Consult an independent life insurance expert to discuss further.

-Tom Newsad

Tom Newsad of Newsad Insurance Services does estate planning and more in Middletown, Hamilton, Trenton, Franklin, Carlisle, Monroe and surrounding areas. Contact Tom at www.newsadinsurance.com or email him at tom@newsadinsurance.com for more information.

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