Thursday, March 3, 2011

Avoiding Gaps in Life Insurance Coverage

In a recent meeting with a client it was discussed that most people are not aware of what happens to their life insurance benefits when they retire. Most group term policies, which are generally low cost term life insurance protection, simply end when employment ends. In some cases you may “convert” your existing insurance into a permanent style policy. If this is not an option, the coverage ends leaving a gap in life insurance protection.

You should always consult with a life insurance agent for help reviewing the insurance jargon in your group policy. In some group policy cases term benefits decrease in face amount, declining vastly after age 70. Some larger companies have even eliminated coverage for spouses’ life insurance policies. For these reasons it is very important to review your life insurance and retirement plan with a financial advisor, especially when you decide to retire or separate from employment. Purchasing an individual life insurance policy can give you peace of mind and fill in gaps left by your group insurance policy.

At Newsad Insurance Services I believe in knowledge, trust, and service for each of my clients to ensure that each client is prepared for the present and the future.

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