Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Xpress Issue Term

Grange Life Insurance Company has introduced an EXAM FREE term life insurance option called Xpress Issue Term. Clients may purchase life insurance policies for:

• 10 Year Term 18-55 years old $50,000-$125,000

• 20 Year Term 18-50 years old $50,000-$125,000

• 30 Year Term 18-45 years old $50,000-$125,000

Applicants will be led through a series of online questions regarding general health, tobacco use, traffic violations, and foreign travel. After answering the questions, applicants will be able to receive INSTANT approval within minutes. Applicants may also have their first premium drafted from their checking or savings accounts to ensure immediate life insurance coverage. Applying for Xpress Issue Term Life Insurance is a quick and simple way to purchase affordable term life insurance policies.

For more information, contact Tom Newsad at Newsad Insurance Services, serving Middletown, Hamilton, Fairfield, Oxford, Franklin, Dayton, and surrounding areas.

Tom Newsad is a Grange Life Insurance Company Pacesetter, a 3 year Million Dollar Round Table member, and a member of Grange Life Insurance Company’s 50 Million Face Amount Club (Gross life insurance sales).

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